Afia Schwar ‘blasts’ Obinim’s lawyer for defending his ‘peculiar heart problem excuse’

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Afia Schwarzenegger, Ghana’s most popular female comedian has expressed her disappointment with the lawyer of embattled Bishop Angel Daniel Obinim, for putting up a legal defense to the charges slapped on him [Bishop Obinim]. The outspoken yet controversial Afia Schwar, as she’s affectionately called, took to her facebook page to cast a slur at Obinim’s lawyer.

Her outburst suggest, she was amused by the decision taken by Obinim’s lawyer [one she did not mention a name], to pursue his case and get him released from police custody.

“Obinim who resurrects the dead, heals the one who is ridden in a wheel chair. Obinim who whip people for fornicating.. You don’t know Obinim? Obinim who stand in public and say to Jesus that he’s wrong. Angel Obinim…oh Lawyer why? So for now, when you to the court and the judge has OB TV… eiii you don’t know Obinim? Lawyer do you know what Obinim can do? And you come out to defend him that Obinim has a peculiar heart disease… Obinim, who curses that you will go mad, die, fall ill. Herrrr, you don’t know Obinim. Obinim who shares toffees for people to eat and get pregnant and deliver. Obinim’s toffee that delivers twins, what are you telling us? You don’t know Obinim?” she expressed her disappointment.

Bishop Angel Daniel Obinim was released from police custody on Friday evening. He was arrested and charged for by the court for the publication of false news and forgery of document, contrary to sections 208 and 159 of the Criminal and other Offences Act, 1960 (Act 29) respectively.

He is to reappear before court on June 1, 2020.

Watch how Afia Schwar blast Obinim’s lawyer, in the video below

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