The incumbent Member of Parliament for Shama, Ato Panford has proven his support for the Parliamentary Candidate, Erickson Abekah for the New Patriotic Party (NPP), by making some monetary and material donations to the Constituency. The move, as explained by the lawmaker is to enhance the resource base of the campaign to retain President Nana Addo and the party for the 2020 elections.

The items included 1,000 pieces of customized T-shirts [of Nana Addo and Erickson Abekah], 20 sewing machines, 5 hair-dressing dryers, 200 pieces of cutlasses, a motorbike, 30 pieces of footballs, plus a cash donation of GHC10,000.00, all of which summing up to GHC50,500.00.

On top of it, Mr. Panford has offered since the campaigns begun, a 2 hours airtime weekly to support the parliamentary candidate and the party.

Speaking after the presentation of these items to the party executives, Mr. Panford indicated that the quest for political power cannot lie as the sole responsibility of the candidate. He explained that the collective effort of members is key to reinforce their bold on the parliamentary seat.

“We are in the same boat, and I will like to support my PC and the constituency to make sure that we crystalize the seat for good.

“I won with over 5200 votes and as such considering what we’ve done, I will not sit down for the NDC or any other party to come to just whittle off everything we’ve done. We need to support the base.”

He emphasized that his loss in the primaries does not mean that he has severed his relationship with the party. Mr. Panford assured of doing everything humanly possible to support the parliamentary candidate “not just to retain the seat but also widen the gap.”

“We have a very good leader, and I believe in the ideology of the party so I cannot afford to sit down. I will do everything to support my party to makes sure that we hold up to the seat.

“On December 7, we’re going all out to make sure that everybody gets out to vote…and we going to vote massively to even widen the gap from where I left. I want to see us pushing the gap further to about 8,000 votes,” he added.

The Constituency Chairman, Degraft Kwame Tawiah who received the items on behalf of the party remarked that the gesture deserves commendation. He mentioned that victory could only be secured if all party members could take a cue from what Mr. Panford did. He charged that the constituency must work tediously to retain the seat so they could push the developmental agenda of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo forward, and build upon what incumbent MP has done.

“I will appeal to everybody to come on board so that together we can all fight. This seat is for us and we cannot sit by for the NDC to come and snatch it. We’ve won it and we’re going to retain this seat. We currently have 169 parliamentary seats and Shama is one of them and we cannot afford to lose it.”


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