It has been established that national coverage for the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) has expanded. With this expansion in years past came with some challenges to both beneficiaries and service providers. Many feared the NHIS was very much limited in terms of its coverage on paying for most diseases.

Under a restructuring program by the current administration, beneficiaries are covered for almost every medical condition, and thus provides great confidence in the scheme.

Deputy Chief Executive Officer for the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA), Yaa Pokuaa Baiden disclosed that about 95 percent of diseases are covered under the scheme currently. She added that government is working at making some improvement to support universal access to healthcare in the country.

Speaking exclusively to Skyy News’ Jacob Baah at the sidelines of the NHIA week celebration on the theme; “Leaving No One Out”, Mrs. Pokuaa Baiden mentioned that about 23 million persons have so far been enrolled into the scheme.

She however clarified that just about half of it are currently active. Mrs. Pokuaa Baiden added that the authority is offering a waiver for registrants to encourage them to register.

“In our week celebration, we have given everyone the opportunity to register or even renew their NHIS card. The weaver has been cleared off on all the NHIS cards and the card can be used right after renewing it.

“We have 23 million people in our database but only 11 million are active in using the cards and we want to make sure everyone is under the scheme to get 100% of the population under the scheme.” she added.

As part of the week celebration, Mrs. Pokuaa Baiden took a monitoring visit to Beposo, Shama, Ketan, and other communities to see how far their registration is going.


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