5 smart and effective ways to enhance your workout routine

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Many people have to work hard in exercising to achieve their fitness goals. However, you need to know that you should also be smart in doing your routine every day.

This way, you can ensure that you will achieve your goals without feeling burned out, which is a common mistake people make when exercising.

If you want to improve your workout routine to ensure that you can achieve your goal or reach a plateau, you can consider following these tips below to enhance your routine moving forward.

Avoid Exercising Too Much
When it comes to exercising too much is not good at all. Many have thought that you will lose more weight or gain more muscles if you work too hard. But, in reality, it is not recommended to work too much as it can lead to exhaustion and worse injury.

As a result, you will end up not achieving your goals. You will also lose interest in working out if you exhaust yourself too much. It is advised to do 75 to 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activities weekly for healthy adults. Remember, exercise smarter, not harder. This way, your effort will be worth it and not go to waste.

A study shows that people who exercised for 60 minutes per day lost less weight than those who exercised for 30 minutes. The primary reasons behind this discovery are psychological rather than physiological.

Individuals who exercise frequently feel justified in engaging in other behaviors that harm their physical health.

Consume Slow-Digesting Carbs before Every Workout
It was observed that when athletes consume slow-digesting carbs for breakfast or lunch, such as whole grains, they show lesser insulin levels and burn more fats.

In addition, it was also observed that the athletes have more endurance during their exercises than those who consume fast-digesting carbs before their exercise. So, with this given data, you should ensure that you consume slow-digesting carbs, especially the meal, right before you start your workout routine.

Try eating whole wheat bread, oats, buckwheat, sweet potatoes, or fruits before your workout. Once you follow this, you will notice a huge difference in the result of your workout. You should also drink supplements that will boost your performance and add to the strength of your stamina.

Mind Your Feet
Most exercises involve putting pressure on your feet like running, playing sports, and aerobic exercises. These activities put tension on your lower extremities, especially on your knees and feet.

Many people have injured their lower extremities during exercising. Some took a long time to recover and went back to working out, contributing to the lack of motivation. Many people haven’t gone back to working out after an injury due to losing interest and fear.

To avoid this, you should invest in quality footwear to protect your feet from the tension your exercise produces. Not only should you consider the quality of the footwear, but you should also choose the right kind of footwear depending on the activity you are doing.

You should also mind the right size of the footwear you are using. The correct exercise footwear should fit perfectly. There should be no bumping of your toes on the sneakers, indicating it is too small for you. It shouldn’t also let your feet move around as it indicates the shoes are too large for you.

Hydrate, Hydrate, and Hydrate 

Water is your best friend when exercising. No matter what routine you are doing, proper hydration contributes to the success of your exercise. You have to consider that losing a lot of water during your workouts makes it feel harder. 

Some individuals lose 6% to 10% of water during working out, and with this rapid loss of water, you will experience a decrease in stamina and performance. Additionally, losing water due to exercising will make it hard for your body to recover after your workout. 

It is advised to weigh your body before exercising and after. This way, you would know how much water is lost in your body so that you can replenish it afterwards. You should not be losing 2% or more of your body weight after doing your routine. 

It is recommended to drink ½ to 1 ounce of water per pound of your body weight every day. So make sure you drink enough water and add more during exercising. Replenish yourself with water throughout your routine. 

Allow Your Body to Recover 

Recovery time is as important as the exercise period of your routine. Allowing your body to recover will also help you break out of the plateau you are experiencing. You should ensure that you have adequate rest in between exercises. 

It is given that we are living in a busy world today. And despite having a hectic schedule, you still do heavy routines such as high-intensity interval training or any heavy exercises. If you do this to your body, you should also give it time to rest and recover. 

Listen to your body. Our body has its way of letting us know whether we have enough. When you don’t give your body sufficient time to adapt to the exercise, you’ll notice a slight drop in performance. So, do not push yourself and give it time to rest and recover. 

Improve Your Work Out Moving Forward 

With these tips provided, you will now know how you would boost your workout moving forward. This way, you can ensure that you will effectively lose enough weight or gain enough muscle the smart way. 

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