1,000 dead people appeared in my dream telling me to resurrect them – Man who exhumed mother’s corpse

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Elijah who is believed to be at the age of 28 years old on Thursday, December 2, exhumed his late mother’s 1-year-old corpse from her resting place back to her home with the intention of awakening her through prayers according to a vision he had.

The bizarre event took place in Nyameyekrom, a small community in the Ahanta West District in the Western Region of Ghana where Elijah was born and bred.

Speaking to an eyewitness on Skyy Power 93.5FM, he made it known according to the man, he wants to live up to his name as the biblical Elijah and his dead mother has revealed to him in dreams to awaken her from the dead.

Also, Elijah speaking on Skyy Power FM indicated that what he is doing is directed by God and he is doing as the heavenly voice commands which he believes his mother is not dead and can resurrect her from the dead as he has been directed.

Elijah also indicated not only his mother is he trying to resurrect but some one-thousand (1,000) other dead people who have appeared in his dreams pleading with him to resurrect them from the dead.

“I have thousands of dead people who have appeared in my dreams asking me to resurrect them, after I am done resurrecting my mother, It will be my vision to bring those thousand backs to life as the Lord has directed me,” Elijah told Nana Yaw Kumi during the Akan News.

This is not the first time Elijah has tried this stunt but the third time he is trying to bring the dead back to life.

Elijah has since been arrested by the Mpohor Police after the Chief and elders of Nyameyekrom reported the incident since it was illegal and poses a health risk to the locals.

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